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We design and manufacture IEC60601 compliant products:

  • Power supplies
  • Battery packs and chargers
  • Signal isolators and converters


Power suppliesomsbar 3x squares icon

We understand the difficulty in obtaining a power supply to an exact specification which is also IEC60601 accredited. As such, our power supply designs are modular and enable multi-rail systems to be configured, normally up to about 300W.

Included in the range is a PSU configured for driving Mini ATX boards. jWhen used with the isolators shown below enables the PC to enter the patient environment, permitting many possibilites for patient connection and signal processing not previously feasible.

Battery packs and chargersomsbar 3x squares icon

The mini ATX power supply is well suited for battery operation and we supply battery packs and chargers to support this requirement. Our charger inputs can work from car chargers, truck chargers, single phase mains of any type and aircraft, ambulance and ship power outlets. They can be configured for any chosen battery technology. An advantage in the design is that the batteries can charge whilst the equipment is patient connected

Signal isolators and convertersomsbar 3x squares icon

Connecting computers and other mains powered equipment to medical equipment can be an issue if the equipment is connected for instance to other phases of the mains via long signal leads or if the medical equipment is ‘legacy’ equipment designed before such connectivity was envisaged. We offer a series of IEC60601 compliant signal isolators and converters to enable such interconnections to be made safely. We include USB to USB isolation, USB to RS232 conversion and isolation and can incorporate IEC60601 compliant 5V USB supplies. We can also provide Bluetooth connectivity

Such products can also bring non-medical specified equipment into use for such products as cameras, weighing systems, etc.

We understand the requirements of IEC60601 accreditation and are used to working with the accreditation agencies, supplying the design, manufacturing and validation information for our equipment to enable the accreditation process to run smoothly.

Call us if you have a specific requirement – we may well be able to help.


Front end of an IEC60601 compliant secondary switcher twin rail PSU

A system developed for the monitoring of the temperature and transport duration of human organs for transplant – the system also knows where it is and where it is supposed to be in order to prevent  mix up and direction to the wrong recipient!