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We run and operate our own clean room, carry out sterilisation of product in our autoclave and supply sterilisation validation services for all the common sterilisation processes.

This gives us a firm handle on the necessary microbiology and we are currently bringing routine services (Colony counting) in-house, particularly for clean room monitoring. We can also provide this as a service to clients.

There are faster more cost-effective ways of carrying out sterilisation validation and there are slower more expensive ways. To sort out the optimum strategy, the principles of use of dunnage and sterilisation equivalent loads become important in optimising these processes and again, knowledge of the product and the process is paramount. As in other areas, we find that the client has no awareness of the requirements of the sterilisation process and the steriliser has no knowledge of the requirements of the product being validated. We can provide the essential interface between these different viewpoints.

A recently installed clean room for production designed and installed by Omsbar
Omsbar clean room being used for the preparation and packaging of prototype surgical instruments prior to clinical trials’