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Omsbar provides technical and hard-to-find services to medical device organisations.

We have worked with a range of clients, from start-ups requiring expert input on getting their new product to market, through to established organisations requiring third-party auditing or validation services


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Tony Thorne

Tony Thorne Tony has worked in the medical device industry for 35 years, with the National Health Service, large multinationals and start-ups in a range of engineering and regulatory roles. He has first-hand experience of designing electronic and mechanical medical devices, including electrically powered and software controlled implantables and life sustaining equipment.

Associated with this work is a thorough knowledge and experience of getting products into market and obtaining regulatory approvals.

Michael Scherer

Michael Scherer

Michael has a background of production engineering and manufacturing in the medical device industry and has a lot of quality management system and regulatory affairs experience. He provides first-hand expertise in implementing, managing and sustaining global quality management systems for clients.

Chris Gerard

Chris Gerard

Chris provides the skill, experience and expertise to produce prototype devices, production tools and test equipment for clients. These range from go/no go gauges through to software controlled electro-pneumatic assembly jigs. Working prototypes and models are also produced using a variety of manufacturing and fabrication methods.

Dave Poulton

Dave PoultonDave provides the software services. These are principally embedded, usually in C/C++ and PC applications using C#. Projects range from simple production test aids through to life sustaining and image capture/processing.

We hope this web-site gives you an idea of the services we provide and the resources and facilities at our disposal. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail if you would like to talk in confidence about a project or service that we can provide. We will be delighted to hear from you.